Han Jeju crackdown on illegal Chinese billboards local people questioned Han card too little

Jeju to rectify the Chinese identity card also has a helpless side

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Korean MERS patients have been exposed to Jeju tourism has been staying in the hotel has been closed

Jeju Island MERS management strategy headquarters has been through the monitoring of the hotel inside the hotel

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3 drunk holding the bench smashed the district more than one car glass ball sprinkle one place

Three drunken men in the Dingfuzhuang North Street near Fuyi Court area with a bench on the docked vehicles to destroy the glass

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New energy vehicles risk policy red envelopes dependency: part of the darling by subsidies

Such as Shanghai on the new energy vehicle subsidy policy two-pronged approach

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Thousands of stowaway people hit the British and French tunnel chaos in 1 person died

More than 1,500 stowaways tried to hit the British and French tunnels from the French port of Calais

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Man 1 month pry 200 graves: almost every night to stay in the cemetery

Lee said he had to go to a dozen cemeteries

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Woman crying and laying notice: two firefighters brother are lost

This is Wang Yaru to find her two brothers - lost fireman Wang Shengmin, Wang Shengpeng the fourth day

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Investigation on the Great Fire and Explosion Accident in Tianjin Port

According to the law of the accident involved in dereliction of duty and other duties

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When the explosion opened his son, Tianjin Port driver Zhang Hui has lost

Zhang Hui brother-in-law hope that the scene near the explosion of journalists and other good people

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Comparison of China and India underwater forces: China's nuclear submarines have 9 to 2 advantage

The Chinese Navy's submarine force is much better than India

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National People 's Self - enrollment test "Harbin shooting case" Peking University test Guo Mei Mei

A total of more than 1,900 candidates to participate in Peking University Autonomous Entrance Examination

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The school textbooks will be opened in Beijing

This campus football series will enter the national primary and secondary schools

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Japan's first to participate in the US-Australian military exercise "wins the island" training or against China

The Japanese land self-defense forces in the United States and Australia during the day to participate in the exercise of the military conducted a hypothetical attempt to recapture the enemy from the hands of the landing operations joint training

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Japan and the United States will form the Army Joint Command to deal with outlying islands defense

As the joint command of the Japanese Land Self-Defense Force and the US Army in Japan

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Hainan Wenchang City watershed accident occurred 5 fishermen lost

Xinhua News Agency, Haikou, January 21 (Reporter Zhao Yingquan) reporter learned from the Hainan Maritime Bureau

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Supreme Law: will further promote the establishment of cross - administrative division of Beijing - Tianjin - Hebei

And then through the high quality and efficient trial execution for the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cooperation to create a favorable judicial environment

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Guangdong Zhanjiang former vice mayor Wu Jiezhong was placed on file for investigation

Guangzhou City People's Procuratorate has been in accordance with the law on Liu Zijing suspected of bribery crime for investigation

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Deputy Mayor Yang Delin of Sichuan Deyang was arrested on suspicion of bribery

According to the law on suspicion of bribery to Deyang City, the former Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Yang Enlin (deputy department level) decided to arrest

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Wu Changjiang held 130 million shares of this network this network over 400 million people onlookers

NVC lighting founder Wu Changjiang held by the 130 million shares of BDO Runda stock auction by the Zhuhai City Intermediate People's Court

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